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Having retired from Essex Police in January 1998 after 30 years service, I am now the proprietor of TD Accident Investigation Consultants, which is a long established consultancy based in Chelmsford, Essex.Nearly all my thirty years as a Police Officer involved driving high performance emergency response patrol cars, the last twenty-three years being attached to the Traffic Division. In 1983 I became a founder member of the Essex Police Traffic Investigation Unit, which is a post held until retirement.

During my police career I attended many courses on advanced driving, accident investigation, motor vehicle examination, traffic law and tachograph analysis. I also attended numerous courses run by commercial companies within the motor industry, on a variety of diverse subjects related to this specialised field of work, including qualifying as an M.O.T vehicle examiner.

In addition to a Police first class advanced driving certificate, I also hold both passenger carrying vehicle, and load carrying vehicle driving licences and have frequently driven coaches in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. For many years I assisted the Ford Motor Company in the testing and development of pre-production road vehicles and I have received driving instruction on race tracks from some well known drivers in international motor sport.

The fourteen year period with the Accident Investigation Unit necessitated attendance at Coroners Court, Magistrates Court, County Court, Crown Court and the High Court where I frequently gave evidence, having been accepted as an expert in the field of accident investigation. It has been estimated that during my Police career I attended in excess of one thousand road accident scenes, and learned much from such an experience.

I have received instruction in the role of single joint expert and been approved for inclusion in listings of UK Register of Expert Witnesses, Society of Expert Witnesses, Expert Witness~Expert Consultant, and Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.